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Creator 17 tutorial bonus tips

Creator 17 tutorial bonus tips

MSI has recently released a tutorial video for MSI Creator 17 owners. For those who are interested in MSI Creator 17 and would like to know more about them:

What is HDR?


HDR stands for high dynamic range. The opposite, compared to the HDR, is the SDR (standard dynamic range). Compared to SDR, as the display has the ability of local dimming and high brightness, the MiniLED display can present HDR content with higher contrast and brightness like how your eyes perceive the real-world image.


Not all HDR displays are the same, normally you will find “local dimming” feature with displays that are VESA (Video Electronics Standards Association) certified DisplayHDR 500 standard and above.



The Creator 17 provides more than DisplayHDR 500, instead, it has a DisplayHDR 1000 AUO AmLED (Adaptive mini LED) display that has higher brightness and lower blackness.


Thunderbolt 4 and PD charging

The Creator 17 has a thunderbolt 4 port, which means it is also compatible with any future USB4 devices with high bandwidth. You can find Thunderbolt 4 across many laptops, however, not all of them supports PD charging (charging the laptop).


If you are taking the Creator 17 somewhere and not running some demanding software, you can bring a smaller PD charger or even PD power bank with more than 65W output instead to save your luggage some extra space and weight.



Application Optimizer

Usually numerous programs in OS are competing for the limited resources, thus it is important to allocate the right amount of resource to the right software.


In MSI Center, one can choose between Smart Priority mode, Real-Time mode and User Priority mode, which are demonstrated in the Creator 17 tutorial video.

Learn more

Check out the official product page via the link below to learn more features of MSI Creator 17

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