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Creator Z16 tutorial bonus tips

Creator Z16 tutorial bonus tips

The Creator Z16 applies the Golden Ratio on product design with innovative technology, leading you into a new chapter “Technology meets Aesthetic”.


For those who have purchased MSI Creator Z16 or are interested in it, MSI has released a tutorial and know-how video.


It is a common situation that you’d like to share the content in the display together with your friends, colleges, or clients. With regular laptops, you’d have to turn the whole laptop 180 degree and move next to where they sit.

The Creator Z16 180 degree lay-flat design allows it to be placed flat on the table.

Moreover, MSI has added a special design function to the F12 key.

If you press F12 or Fn+F12 to trigger the function, the content on display will rotate 180 degree, if your Creator Z16 has the optional touchscreen function, the one sits opposite to you can read without any difficulty and interact with the content just by touching the screen

Noise cancelation

Tired of the noises interrupting your online meeting? In MSI center, there is a built-in AI-powered noise cancelling function, which you can turn on by going to audio optimizer page.


The speaker noise cancellation reduces the noise you can hear from speaker, for example, someone talking to you while his/her upstairs neighborhood is under refurbishment, or when he/she is in a noisy cafe.


And vice versa, the microphone noise cancellation reduces the background noise while you are in somewhere noisy. You can also tick auto volume balance to AI control the incoming volume to a comfortable level or tick voice amplify mode so others can hear you clearly.



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