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MSI GS76 Stealth bonus tips

MSI GS76 Stealth bonus tips

MSI GS76 Stealth bonus tips

The MSI GS76 Stealth is a thin yet powerful laptop that makes the owner professional by day, hardcore gamer by night.


For those who have purchased MSI GS76 Stealth or are interested in it, MSI has released a tutorial and know-how video.


Here’s some bonus tip for the know-how mentioned in the video.



In the Extreme mode under User Scenario, you can enter the overclock option by clicking on the gear icon. After you changed the clock offset, for example, 200MHz, you can see the difference immediately in inspection tool such as GPU-Z.

*GPU overclocking may cause instability in OS or game, reset back to default setting if you encounter any problem.

The GPU clock and Boost refer to the “Core Clock Offset” and increased 200MHz.

The Memory on the other hand, refers to the “VRAM Clock Offset”, and the value increased 50 MHz. Why is it not showing 200 MHz like the adjusted value in MSI Center?

It is because of the difference between real speed and effective speed, the value shown in GPU-Z is real speed, and what really matter for game is the effective speed. For GDDR VRAM, real speed times 4 equals to the effective speed, so the increased real speed times 4 is the overclocking result, which is 50MHz x4 = 200MHz.

RGB Keyboard

The GS76 Stealth is also equipped with SteelSeries per key RGB keyboard.

Just like GE Series, if you are too lazy to tune the light of your keyboard, simply press Fn key with 1~0 accordingly, you can switch between different preset RGB backlight pattern.


Wi-Fi Hotspot

Users can active Wi-Fi hotspot and share internet through either Killer Wireless xTend or Windows 10 mobile hotspot (Go to Setting>Network&Internet>Mobile Hotspot)

You can also select the band frequency for your Wi-Fi hotspot by clicking “Edit”


Note that since the GS76 supports Wi-Fi 6E networking, it is able to utilize the clean uninterrupted 6GHz radio spectrum, also that means you can turn the laptop into a Wi-Fi 6E 6GHz router. However, the 6GHz band option is not enabled by Microsoft and Intel yet due to the current legal restriction of 6GHz spectrum remains only partially allowed in some countries. It is highly possible it will be enabled in the near future, please stay tuned to MSI and receive the latest information.



Learn more

Check out the official product page via the link below to learn more features of GS76 Stealth

MSI GS76 Stealth – Sharper in Core Black



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